I am a lifelong Tennessean and a lifelong resident of Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District. This is my home.

In fact, I am the eighth generation in my family to farm in Temperance Hall, a small community in DeKalb County. I was raised in Cookeville where my family and I live today. I graduated from Cookeville High School and went on to Tennessee Tech University for higher education. Since I was a kid, farming has been a passion of mine. It was a natural choice to study agriculture at Tech.

From there, I earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University. And lastly, I went on to Vanderbilt University where I earned a Law Degree. All of that education was so that I could fully equip myself for whatever career opportunity might allow me to fulfill my dream of owning and operating the family farm.

Today, I am living that dream alongside my wife Chelsea. We are actively involved in our community as volunteers with the Tennessee State Fair, Tennessee Tech University, Tennessee Future Farmers of America (FFA), and more. One of our favorite volunteer efforts is the Lancaster Independence Day Parade, which is held on our farm the Sunday before Independence Day. Investing in our community is important to us both.

In campaigning for Congress I am doing something I have never done before—run for public office. I am a farmer and small business owner who is ready to be actively involved in pushing the conservative movement that inspired so many as President Trump sought office for the first time. Chelsea and I were two of the voters who elected President Trump and today, we are two of the many who are disappointed with a Congress that will not end the Obama era mistakes and get to work for a better America.

I am hopeful for the future and inspired that I can hand off a better America for the next generation like my parents did for me. In fact, Chelsea and I recently welcomed our first child into the world. For our child and for all those young people who will one day lead our nation, we must take bold action to solve our debt crisis, renew Christian values in society, protect our borders, and bolster our military. I hope you will consider voting for me and giving me a chance to do just that.