Securing our nation begins by protecting our borders and the sanctity of U.S. citizenship. Those who made it across the border illegally are protected in sanctuary cities and unfairly given advantages over those trying to enter the country legally.

John’s belief about effective immigration policy is three parts:

  1. Build a wall.
    • Continuing to build the wall along our southern border will aid in the enforcement of the law and will send a message that America is serious about the immigration problem.
  2. Enforce the law.
    • Our country has laws in place that govern immigration. Immigrants who are in the United States illegally are not “undocumented,” they are illegal and should face the consequences of breaking the law—deportation.
  3. Design a system that works.
    • We have to do better when it comes to temporary visa and guest worker programs. We need a system that allows those who wish to enter this great country legally and pursue the American Dream a chance to do so without watching illegal immigrants be rewarded for breaking the law while hopeful, law-abiding immigrants wait their turn in line.


John is working against the Democrats’ efforts to implement socialized medicine, which is why he supports repealing Obamacare. Socialized medicine is unsustainable, and the Democrats who seek to enact it want to put illegal immigrants in line for health care ahead of your family and our veterans. John believes that’s wrong. He continues to support a total repeal of Obamacare and all efforts to implement socialized medicine.

2nd Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms is a right guaranteed by our Constitution. It is fundamental to America. In Washington, John is – and will continue to be – a reliable voice and vote for the protection of 2nd Amendment rights. John is a life member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and will stand firm in securing our American freedoms.


John knows about creating jobs. He’s done it. As a small business owner, nothing is more personal to John than the livelihood and quality of life for each of his employees. The Sixth District needs jobs that will allow every citizen to achieve a way of life that will provide for themselves and their families. In order to achieve this, John knows we must continue to cut taxes and limit unnecessary regulations.


The welfare system has trapped too many Tennesseans in a state of dependency. Our social safety nets were intended to be a safeguard for the most vulnerable in our society. Instead, many able-bodied workers sit on the sidelines and receive a check rather than earning a wage. That becomes a cycle learned by their children, friends, and neighbors. John supports welfare reform that provides support to those who need it most and won’t send our country further into debt.


Educating our children is some of the most important work we will do in our lives. Who better understands the needs of our children than the parents, teachers, and government leaders who live and work in the communities where our children grow up? Keeping education as local an issue as possible makes sense.

John believes the federal government has a role to play in education, but the Department of Education should not exist to pass down standards that are one size fits all. Instead, the federal government should be a resource for states as they craft policy that works for them. Here in Tennessee, we have rejected Common Core, and John will fight to be sure such policies are kept out of our state.

Family Values

John is pro-life. He supports the life of the unborn and always will. Life begins at conception and should be protected. When John and his wife, Chelsea, had their first child, Guy, the blessing of knowing his life was created by God was unmatched.

Planned Parenthood has proven to be a broken organization that goes beyond providing needed services for women; it is the country’s largest abortion provider. John will continue to work to defund Planned Parenthood. Additionally, he will support the work of our local women’s service providers as they help women without performing or encouraging abortions. The Rose family has a long history of supporting the Cookeville Pregnancy Clinic, a free local clinic providing women’s services to those in the area.

John received an A + rating from Susan B. Anthony List.

John is working to represent the Sixth District as a Christian man who will protect our Tennessee values.

National Security

John supports our troops. He believes we must equip them for success in their mission by adequately funding the military. Young men and women risk their lives to protect America. America needs to be sure our troops have the manpower and resources to accomplish their task. John will vote to fund the military at a level that will allow for the protection this country needs.

Defending our nation against terrorism and foreign nuclear threats is paramount. President Trump led the charge in defeating terrorist leaders, and we must continue his accomplishments to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. These terrorists hate America and want to bring harm to our country when possible. We must be aware of the threat of terrorists entering our country with the intent to build support for their anti-American cause. John supports temporary travel bans on the countries that present the greatest threat to our security. John also believes that, when possible, we should bring our troops home and give diplomacy space to work without sustained, extensive military occupancy.

In every discussion about national defense, we also owe it to our veterans to keep them top of mind as the men and women who sacrificed for the sake of our country. John will advocate for these heroes, their families, and their needs.


The relationship between the United States and Israel is critical for peace in the Middle East. We are partners in the mission to defeat terrorism. For four years, President Trump brokered astounding peace deals between Israel and several countries in the Middle East. John believes we must continue his lead and stand ready to protect our ally, so that nuclear capabilities are reduced in the region and peace may continue.

Tax Reform

Thanks to decades of new laws and regulations, our tax code is too complicated. When tax time comes, many Americans cannot file on their own. That is unacceptable. John supports and will vote for a fair and simple tax code that promotes economic growth and makes filing taxes easier on all Americans.

Law Enforcement

John stands firmly with our law enforcement officers. Every day in Tennessee and all over our nation, law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to keep us safe. As a father, John understands the importance of the police’s mission to protect our families and communities. He firmly denounces the idea of defunding our police and strongly believes in eliminating barriers that make it difficult for these officers to do their jobs. Our law enforcement officers stand bravely on the thin blue line between lawlessness and safety in our communities. John will work for our law enforcement officers to ensure they have the proper resources they need to continue securing our communities.


Big tech companies are using their platforms to censor conservative voices across the nation. Big tech monopolies should not be the arbiters of truth. John believes we must hold big tech accountable and will work to stop big tech from infringing on our First Amendment rights. John believes we must repeal Section 230.


As your Congressman, John knows it’s his responsibility to represent the conservative principles Tennesseans value most. He takes this responsibility very seriously and will always serve the will of the people, including continuing President Trump’s America First agenda.


John believes we must secure the integrity of our election system and stop voting irregularities. In Congress, John is working to ensure election processes are free and fair – not just in Tennessee – but in every state across America. John is working tirelessly so that Americans can have full confidence in our election processes.